Moby Go

Moby Go
Moby Go is an amazingly comfortable baby carrier designed with the ergonomic features and comfort that Moby is known for. Perfect for babies 6.5 - 21 kg.          

Moby GO baby carrier

Designed for older babies
who are ready to GO

Innovative features include:
  • Wide shoulder straps continue theMoby Wrap tradition of superior comfort
  • Easy-to-reach side buckles
    adjust for the perfect fit
  • Cross-shoulder design
     evenly distributes weight
  • The carrier seat is designed to allow
    the correct support for baby
  • Unique dual foam waist belt provides
    comfortable support for parent

  • Continues parent/child bonding
  • Perfect for babies 15 to 45 pounds
  • Can do back carries
  • Wide comfort straps in a cross-shoulder design
  • Easy-to-reach side buckles
  • Pocket with adjustable/removable hood
  • Ergonomic seat design: 14.5"w seat, 18" tall body
  • Unique dual foam waist belt adjusts from 26" to 40"

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