For infants, baby carriers make the transition from the womb to the outside world easier, close contact keeps baby near mom’s beating heart and keeps the constant motion they experienced in the womb.  Toddlers thrive on touch with the love and reassurance it provides. Babywearing gives you and your little one a special connection while you tackle your daily activities


Increasing numbers of counterfeit Moby Wrap Carriers are being offered for sale on eBay, Trade Me, Wheedle and other auction sites as well as several Facebook pages.

Counterfeit products are exempt from any manufacturer’s warranty policy and we would caution anyone thinking about using counterfeit products for their questionable safety, comfort and reliability.


Moby Wrap counterfeits are:

  • made with inferior material and parts

  • not product tested for safety standards

  • not covered by any Product Insurance

  • not covered by Product Warranty

  • not serialised

We strongly suggest that all purchases of Moby Wrap products be through authorised Moby Wrap stockists as shown on our stockists page as we do not provide warranties for products purchased from a non authorised stockist.  Moby take seriously the sale of fake products

How to spot a fake Moby Wrap:

  • Retailers are not authorised to sell on trademe, wheedle or any other NZ auction site.  The only exception to this is Scarecrow Farm (username Scarecrowfarm-r) who lists only on Trademe.  Anybody else 'retailing' new Moby Wraps on any auction site is likely to be selling fakes.
  • Fake Moby Wraps are generally underweight.  Moby Wraps are usually around 800 - 950 grams.  New mid-weight colours are closer to 800 grams while the older wraps are around 950 grams.
  • Fake Moby Wraps typically come in a larger, looser fitting bag with a low quality printed label.  The real Moby Wrap bag is quite snug.
  • Moby have never produced a hot pink or royal blue Moby Wrap.  Any stockist selling these colours will be consistently supplying fake products.
  • The cord on the bag may be round and not flat.  We notice modern fakes now have a flat cord like the authentic Moby Wrap.
  • The tag on the Moby Wrap may have misspelled words.  Moby Wraps are bamboo or cotton.  The fakes may say they have spandex.
  • Moby has never been sold with a DVD.  Some fakes are sold with DVDs.
  • People selling fakes often use the Moby Wrap images to sell their product.  These are old images of Moby Wraps in satchels.  Moby Wraps that come in satchels with labels attached, should say they are manufactured in Thailand however the fakes will say they are manufactured in China.  Moby Wraps that come in boxes are now manufactured in China.  We are not aware of any fakes sold in boxes at this stage.  Moby Wraps sold in bags (without cardboard boxes) should also have the logo on the bottom of the bag.

If you have any concerns about the authenticity of your product, please do not hesitate to contact us at